Brass Band Index

The Brass Band Index is a system that attempts to rate the performance of brass bands over time based on contest results. The system is an adaptation of the ELO system that is used in chess rankings.

The way the system works means that there is no subjectivity. No contest gets any ‘weighting’ above any other contest.

Put simply, you gain rating if you beat a band. The better that band is the more rating you gain and vice versa. With enough data the ratings will converge upon the ‘true’ ability of that band.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the methodology.

This rating system performs better the more data that it has. All of our data is provided by the lovely people over at A huge thanks goes to them for creating such a wonderful resource and we encourage everyone to help input any contest results that you may have.

Click here for a list of the contests that are currently used for the Brass Band Index ratings.


If you have any questions, comments or ideas regarding the system then please email them to or message us at @leonardaudio.

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